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Splendid Solutions for Sparse Eyebrows

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyebrows are arguably the window frames. So what can you do if you feel that your frames are inadequate? A rich, defined eyebrow is something that occurs naturally for many women, and yet some might need a little bit of assistance. Sparse eyebrows can easily be bulked up, and there are a number of solutions that you can choose from depending on the results you wish to achieve.

Drawing the Eyebrows

Using a brow pencil to manually draw the eyebrows on is perhaps the most straightforward solution. There can be a bit of trial and error involved the first few times you attempt to do this, but with practice, you'll learn to contour the pencil lines to achieve a seamless result. You could also couple the brow pencil with a stencil in a shape of your choosing for a speedy and efficient application. The downside is the temporary nature of the application, and perspiration, humidity, and even a spot of rain can quickly fade the results. A brow pencil is strictly a one-off affair and needs to be reapplied daily (or even more often).

Applying Gel to the Eyebrows

A brow gel can disguise the sparsity of your eyebrows, allowing you to manually position the hairs. They can be flattened against your skin, making them seem more abundant than they actually are. Though quick and easy (you apply the gel and then "style" your brows to your liking), the effect is very much temporary, much like a brow pencil.

Tattooing the Eyebrows

For a more long-term solution, consider a cosmetic tattoo. It's the same principle as a brow pencil (using colour to simulate a thicker, more defined eyebrow) but it doesn't require regular reapplication. Opt for a salon who can give you an eyebrow feathering tattoo. This is a type of tattoo which resembles individual hairs for a more natural result, as opposed to a shaped block of colour. Such a tattoo is not necessarily going to be permanent and can fade over time, depending on your skin type and your skin care regime (such as how often you exfoliate). Having said that, a cosmetic tattoo is your best bet if you don't want to have to continually bulk up your eyebrows yourself.

While some people naturally have rich, defined eyebrows, there are also some great solutions for those who might need a bit of help.