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The Benefits of Relationship Counselling

Couples in dysfunctional relationships often sign up for relationship counselling sessions as a way of saving the broken relationship or marriage. Agreeing to visit a marriage counsellor is a sign that both parties would want the relationship to work. In this article, you will learn how you can benefit from relationship counselling. 

Identifying root problems.  

On the first few sessions, the relationship counsellor will try to understand what could be ailing the relationship. Most relationships breakdown spontaneously; one unresolved issue leads to a bigger problem to a point that the couple fights on a daily basis. Recognising the root cause of your problems forms a solid base for you to rebuild the relationship and become the happy couple that you once were. Take note of behaviours that your partner dislikes and work on yourself without expecting your partner to do the same. Over time, you will realise that he or she is also determined to change. 

Trusting your partner. 

Most relationships breakdown because the partners no longer trust each other. Spouses treat each other in suspicion which ultimately leads to a state of paranoia. During relationship counselling sessions, the counsellor will help you regain each other's trust. Besides, you will also know what behaviours make your partner distrust you. 


One of the most significant goals of marriage counselling is to improve communication in the relationship. Ideally, couples that communicate effectively can solve problems at an early stage. The counsellor will help you improve your listening and speaking skills. You will also learn how to express your feelings in a manner that does not hurt your partner.

Promoting strengths. 

Once a relationship begins to fall apart, the partners negatively perceive each other. The couple is embroiled in never-ending fights and the desire for one partner to revenge on the other. In the counselling sessions, the therapist will help you identify the various strengths of the relationship. Moreover, you will recognise and appreciate your partner's positive aspects. 

Improving intimacy. 

Your counsellor will teach you how to improve emotional intimacy by talking to your partner about your aspirations, fears and desires. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable can go a long way in helping improve your intimacy levels. Physical intimacy goes beyond sex. You need to make your partner feel physically connected to you. Holding hands, a simple hug or even a kiss as they leave for work can help increase your physical intimacy. 

The main benefits of relationship counselling are that it helps identify root problems, improve trust, communication, relationship strengths and intimacy.