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Preparation Tips to Remember When Moving Your Loved One to a Retirement Village

Moving from one home to another is always challenging, regardless of your age. If your loved one is moving into a retirement living center soon, it's important to prepare them for the transition, mainly because of the strong emotions linked to such a move. While the new adventure may be exciting at first (particularly if your loved one misses the company of their peers), the uncertainty and change that are linked with moving can make things hard.

Wondering why? The move to retirement villages is often difficult for a senior because they are leaving their family home, a place they have called home for decades. The house is a symbol of a lifetime of great memories they have spent with the family.

So, to ensure you don't have a difficult time, this post will outline tips everyone should remember before moving their loved ones into retirement communities.  

Start involving them early enough

Do not sit around and wait for your loved one's time to move to encourage them to involve themselves in a senior living community. Usually, when you encourage them to take part in different life enrichment activities that the community offers, your family member will be more comfortable once the moving time comes. In fact, they may even suggest it if they get bored at home when everyone is away.

Another approach would be to ask the community staff if your family member can join them for lunch or dinner regularly so they can get accustomed to the environment and meet fellow residents. Such a move helps ease their anxiety once the day comes since they will have already made some friends and familiarised themselves with the retirement village.

Recreate a familiar environment for the senior

Since your loved one is moving into a new home, the least you can do is recreate the environment they are accustomed to. So, instead of purchasing new furniture for their new home, consider using old furniture. They will likely settle fast if the new environment feels and looks more like their old home. Get the household belongings and furniture that the senior treasures and find a way to incorporate them into their assisted living apartment.

Plan a welcome party

Another way to ease the tension that comes with this transition is to plan a party at the new retirement village apartment. Other than giving your loved one something to look forward to, they will be excited to show off the new home and friends. You can also make the party a yearly affair if the management allows.