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Two Scenarios That Should Have You Consider Undergoing Foot Surgery

Although most people tend to take their feet for granted, there is an array of disorders that your feet can develop that will warrant foot surgery. Conditions such as hammertoes, extreme plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and so on will impede the function of your feet and could potentially disfigure them to a point that they will require corrective surgery.

Nonetheless, the thought of surgery can be daunting to most people. And considering that you may lose your mobility temporarily while you are in recovery, you could be thinking that foot surgery is not worth it when it actually is. Read on to learn about a couple of scenarios that should have you consider undergoing foot surgery.

Foot surgery to restore your mobility.

Your feet compromise an intricate network of tiny bones that have been arranged in a specific manner to ensure that the feet are stable when they carry your weight. These bones are ensconced in an array of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments that all work in tandem to ensure your feet are both mobile and sturdy. The moment that one or more of these components are in jeopardy, your mobility will be compromised, or worse yet, you may be unable to walk at all.

Treatments such as physiotherapy, granted, are usually prescribed to restore the mobility of a damaged foot, but if the condition is severe, your only option may be to opt for foot surgery. The podiatrist will surgically manipulate the damaged parts of your foot to either heal the affected part or restore it to its proper position. Once you have recovered, your mobility should be fully restored.

Foot surgery to relieve debilitating pain.

Heel pain is a common issue that most adults will suffer from on occasion. But if the pain is excessive enough to make it challenging to go about your day or has rendered you bedridden, it is time to include foot surgery as one of your treatment options. When you are suffering through severe pain in your foot, the first thing that the podiatrist will do is carry out x-rays in an attempt to diagnose the source of the problem.

Once this is diagnosed, you may then require foot surgery to relieve the discomfort. People that suffer from arthritis tend to be candidates for foot surgery due to the inflammation of the joints in their feet. Typically, the surgery entails the removal of the inflamed tissue. In other cases, the podiatrist may have to alter the joint surgically to prevent further inflammation.