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Top Tips When Choosing A Walk-In Medical Centre

A walk-in medical centre is a clinic that specialises in the treatment of non-critical medical conditions such as coughs, sprains, fractures and a wide range of body infections. Doctors at the clinic can also help in the management of long term illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. The facilities are a preferable choice for many Australians since patients do not need to make an appointment to see the doctor. 

The excerpt below discusses the various considerations you should make when choosing a walk-in medical centre.

Consulting Physician

Check the qualifications of the consulting physician at the medical centre. He or she should be licenced to provide medical services in your locality. Besides, the physician should be affiliated with a professional medical practitioners association. Check the experience of other patients on social media and the clinic's Google My Business listing. Positive reviews will significantly improve your confidence in the doctor. You could also check the background of other members of staff at the facility.


The centre should be close to your home. It ensures that you can get to the facility in the shortest possible time. The walk-in medical should have adequate security and parking. Some centres have comfortable lounges with free water, cable television and Wi-Fi. As such, you will not get bored as you wait to see the physician. 

Range of Services

Most clinics will provide basic consultation and treatment services. However, you could have a complicated condition that requires advanced diagnostic machines such as X-rays or CT scanners. Some walk-in medical centres have visiting consultants that attend to patients at specific days. They include cancer specialists, surgeons or physiotherapists.

Some walk-in medical centres provide emergency services. Typically, they operate 24/7 and have a small inpatient facility where they can attend to severely injured people before transferring them to large hospitals. The facility may also have an ambulance. People with long term illnesses may need specialised services such as home visits. 

Availability of Bulk Billing Services

Preferably, choose a medical centre that provides bulk billing services. It ensures you receive medical care at little or no costs. If the facility does not bulk bill, check their price structure. Other than the consultation fee, check how much they charge for tests and procedures such as minor surgeries, excision of cysts or draining abscesses.

Walk-in medical centres are your best bet when you need quick and affordable medical care services. Examine the expertise of the consulting physician, the accessibility of the clinic, services provided, pricing and the availability of bulk billing services.

For medical help, visit the walk-in medical clinic closest to you.