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4 Reasons Your Doctor May Recommend a Vascular Ultrasound

Have you been to the doctor and had them recommend a vascular ultrasound? If so, then you may be wondering what a vascular ultrasound is and why your doctor is recommending it. Take a look at the four most common reasons why doctors may choose to order a vascular ultrasound for their patients.

#1 A Vascular Ultrasound Can Help Diagnose Disease

An ultrasound is used to diagnose diseases of the veins, arteries and other vessels that circulate blood throughout the body. The sound waves from the ultrasound create an image of these vessels in order for your doctor to be able to determine if there are any abnormalities present. This can be particularly useful in diagnosing conditions such as aneurysms or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

#2 A Vascular Ultrasound Can Identify Blockages in Your Arteries or Veins

An ultrasound can also help identify blockages in your arteries or veins that could cause serious health problems, such as stroke or heart attack. The sound waves from the ultrasound allow your doctor to get an accurate measure of how well blood is flowing through the vessels. If there are any blockages present, they can be identified quickly and effectively, allowing for more efficient treatment.

#3 A Vascular Ultrasound Can Help Monitor Blood Flow After Treatment

If you have already undergone treatment for a medical condition affecting your arteries or veins, then a medical professional may use an ultrasound to monitor how effectively the treatment has worked. This helps ensure that any potential complications are caught early on and treated before they become more serious.

#4 A Vascular Ultrasound Can Be Used To Guide Surgery

In some cases, an ultrasound may be used by surgeons in order to guide them during an operation on your cardiovascular system. The images produced by the ultrasound give them greater precision when performing delicate surgical tasks such as stent placement or bypass surgery.


There are lots of reasons why your doctor may recommend that you have a vascular ultrasound performed. From diagnosing diseases of the cardiovascular system to helping surgeons perform delicate operations, this imaging test provides invaluable information about your overall health and well-being. There really isn't any downside when it comes to having one done, so if your doctor recommends one for you, then it would be wise to follow their advice.

For further advice about ultrasounds, contact a local doctor or medical centre.